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Packaging Design Jobs For Graphic Designers

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Packaging design firms are visionary experts that combine graphics, typography, and images to market and sell products and services. If you are an accomplished graphic designer, consider working in a packaging design firm as they create innovative branding and marketing solutions for their clients in many industries.  Booth Designs Packaging designers create client packaging and signage, as well as booth designs, to instantly communicate with potential clients and customers. They use simple, bold text and corresponding graphics for marketing. Read More»

When Remodeling Your Home Makes More Sense Than Listing It

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The first step in deciding whether or not remodeling your home makes more sense than selling it is deciding whether or not the home meets your physical needs. If the home is just too small or can’t be remodeled to have enough rooms, there is no point in remodeling it. Remodeling may make more sense if your home is the right size for what you need. However, you may need to remodel a bedroom into an office space or knock out a wall for a larger master bedroom. Read More»